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Originally posted by Nunzio390
NOT a bug. Correct behavior.
Shuffle=shuffle (can play same song more than once)
Random=random (no one song ever repeated)
This would seem like a bug to me, the word shuffle indicates that it would not repeat, where as the word random indicates that it would. So at the very least winamp isn't labeling things correctly if it's random is labeled shuffle.

It seems a bit odd that the only way to get a true shuffle is to go through a very hacky method of randomly queueing up your playlist on startup. No other player that I know of doesn't include shuffle by default, and I can't imagine why youd want random over shuffle.

That aside, I do get the feeling that the random (shuffle) function has some bugs in it, even with the morph rate all the way up. I can't be sure, and I know that true randomness means that occasionally your going to get the same song twice in a row, or even three times in a row, but it seems to happen more than I'd expect with such a large playlist. I'm going to collect some statistics about the songs that are selected and see what I get.

This is something that has plagued winamp for awhile, and it's time for it to get fixed. Even if it turns out to be perfectly random, thats not what customers want, especially not when its labeled shuffle.
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