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Originally posted by djSpinnerCee
It's just your router preventing you from accessing the public IP -- it's a security feature common to almost all broadband routers.

It's NOT a problem -- your config is perfect.

Everyone can access your server ... You have to use the LAN IP of the server when you want to access it. That's just a quirk of household grade routers that there's nothing you can do anything about.

If you try to tune out this issue, you'll make your stream inacessable to the internet as well, so leave it alone.
OMG dude i don't have enaugh words to thank you!

i've been sitting here all the day trying figure out why i can't access to my own stream via my ip.
and then i sent it to my friend as you said. and WOOPHAAAA THXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxx! i love you!
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