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I need some help too...

Alright I have a Dlink WBR2310 router and I forwarded ports 9000-9001 (im using port 9000 on shoutcast) to my static ip ( I have no firewalls running and I've changed the yp port to still getting the NAK error...

I logged onto my router and went into the "Port Forwarding" section. Then i filled out the page as follows:
Name: Scast1 (as directed by
IP address to forward to:
Port: Start: 9000 End: 9001
Traffic Type: TCP

I also did that again except I changed the "Name" to WampAS1 (there was Shoutcast and Winamp Audio Streaming on and I wasnt sure which to put, so I did both).

I'm able to connect to my stream with other computers on my network with and on my own box with

Anyone got any suggestions on how I can fix this? I've been trying to figure this out for a loooong time without any success.
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