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glitches in the gen_ff plugin (I think)

1. either install winamp without any vis plugins, or just move/remove the existing plugins\vis*.dll files (close winamp first)
2. be sure to use the winamp modern skin
3. by default, the video & vis windows are attached to the main window; click the "Open Video and Visualization" button to open the attached vis/video window
4. if required, click the Switch to Video button
5. click Detach Video, the video window detaches and the main window retracts
6. again click the "Open Video and Visualization"; the attached Visualizer window opens
7. click Detach Visualizer -> glitch #1: the Vizualizer window does not detach, the "Open/Close Video and Visualization" button disappears with a mark in it's place
8. to fix this situation, right click to access the Winamp menu -> Options -> Winamp Modern -> deselect Detach Vis Window; the "Close Video and Visualization" button reapers; at the same level with that button, there are 2 buttons: Switch to Visualizer button (glitch #2, it disappears if you click it) and Detach Visualizer (you can repeat the situation if you click it again)
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