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My prayers have been answered! I have been going through a migration from XP SP2 to win 7 64, and finding your app was a real lifesaver.

for the last couple years I had been using ml import / export to backup my settings but had never actually tested importing with it until now. well that turned out to be a real pain in the ass as smart views and playlists were not stored, filenames with special characters weren't recognized, etc.

with your app it was a breeze, took me less than 10 minutes to backup from my old machine and restore on my new one. no problems that I have noticed so far. looks like all that is left for me to do is install some input plugins that were in my old profile and I'll be good to go.

Can't that you enough for this!

a minor suggestion to clarify some text in the interface would be to amend the following:
"Where do you want to save your backup?" to "Where to you want to save your backup to, or restore a previously saved backup from?"
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