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Lemme try to explain it a bit more.

Previous versions of the tool simply requested for admin rights, when UAC was enabled and a standard user profile was used. I got some reports, one of them from labrador999, that the tool doesn't work correctly when you are running the tool as a standard user with UAC enabled.

One of the main problems for standard users was the profile folder detection. As soon as a user with standard profile used the UAC prompt to get the required permissions, the tool wrongly detected the user path of the admin account instead of the user account.

I did a lot re-search to find a solution for it, but it was quite difficult. Instead of forcing Administrator rights, I requested Highest permissions and additionally I forced per user settings.

That worked fine for the backup functionality. Standard users won't get any UAC prompt, the detected path was correct and Backup was working at all.
But as soon as we restore files back to the program folder (MD presets, multi user unfriendly ini files, icon packs and skins), restoration without highest permissions would fail.

But it seems, that my solution forced a UAC prompt for some admin users, which surprised me (personally I never got any prompt in all the tests I got) and it is a nasty side effect.

The main problem is, that I cannot request standard privileges only, this would work fine for all users without any UAC prompt and backup would work just fine, whether restoration would fail.

I spent a lot of time to find a solution, my solution made sense, respected nearly all cases and usually there is no explanation, why it popups a UAC prompt for admin users now.

As DrO said, fixing the issue now is a nasty thing, which needs a lot of time and whatever solution we use in the end, it's not a pretty one - UAC issues are a pain.

labrador999: thank you much for your feedback, it's helpful an much appreciated.
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