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the buttons are sized to the size of the text + dropdown element with v5.64/v5.65 - so it is using as minimal space as needed automatically without having to rely on the language pack authors to do it correctly (and from that screenshot, it's missing the ellipse '...' part which was added to the status text element in v5.64 to indicate clipping of information).

and a 'save' button was added as that was needed for specific reasons within the usage of the playlists view (primarily based on user needs so i know you don't like it but that's in there and staying).

it's not hard to increase the width of the window a bit more (e.g. an inch or so on the screen) to be able to see everything.

as such, as part of having the library UI more consistent, the position of the status info will not be returned to be above the buttons as the playlists plug-in was the anomaly in the official plug-ins and so now better matches with how the other library plug-ins work.
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