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This is sad :/ The Llama isnt aging too well and the gracenote bug shows >.<

Could it be an issue because im using a 64 bit computer? Dont those logs give any kind of info as to why it does that... Would running Winamp in a 32bit virtual machine have any positive effect?

Was there an older version that had it working right? (say... as far back as using Winamp 2?)

Or is there a separate plugin from Winamps massive list of plugins that lets it use an alternate source to tag music? (WMP can autotag music using allmusic... but WMP autotags them only when it feels like it and you have no control over when or what it does)

Mp3Tag compared to Winamp's tagger is just a misery to use with all due respect.. I got an app that works similar to Mp3Tag for 50$ (RinseMyMusic) that somewhat gets most metadata right from gracenote but its buggy (requires itunes, and even so, it has a bug that makes most songs have the same coverart so you must manually fix that) and you must choose each result one by one too... Isnt there some way?
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