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Advert: tag not working & Shoutcast taking to long to broadcast

I've skimmed over the forums looking for answers before posting here. Nothing I found helps me.

My main problems at the moment are the "Advert:" tags not working. I've done them exactly like it was explained in the FAQ's and from what I've gathered, they're not triggering.
My listener base (which is small) is solely based in the US and no one is hearing ads. Only the 2 minute song being played.

In the Title, I have "Advert:"
In the Artist, I have "Advert:"
(without the quotes)

Am I supposed to rename the mp3 file itself "Avert:" too?

Are the ad's not triggered here in the US?

Problem #2:

When I first connect my station to the internet for broadcast, it's taking between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to start broadcasting to listeners on the internet. I understand there is a buffering time between my computer and the Shoutcast servers, but it shouldn't take 20 minutes.

Winamp crashed on me the other night in the middle of a broadcast and when I rebooted everything, it took almost 45 minutes for the broadcast to come up (play) in my stream player.
I lost active listeners in that amount of time which didn't come back.

Here are the specs that I'm using:

My laptop: i3-6100U 2.30 GHz & 8GB RAM, WIN10. It's only about a month old.
Winamp: v. 5.666 Build 3516 (x86) Dec. 12, 2013
ShoutCast DSP: v. 2.3.5 Build 222 Sept. 26, 2014
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