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Was testing back 6-8 months ago I figure I poke back in here.

Installed latest SHOUTcast Server Version x86)
CentOS 5.4

Have it working with latest Sc_Trans from (12-14-2010)
3 Streams up and running same port.

Problem I am having is I can not kick ban or ban subnet (tested on myself and other ips). After adding I confirmed they are showing up on the ban page.

Other then that up and running for 8 Days no problem.

Features I am still waiting for.

Have 2nd ip (not main ip) that I am not using port 80 on. Would like to use it but get error can't see yp server (or something to that nature). I think this is 1 of the known issues.

Keep up the good work I know staff is running thin for this project.

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