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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
Sorry the ship your defending is like the Titanic.
I'm not defending AOL/Winamp/Shoutcast having not shoutcasted (that's a word you know) in over 2 years - I've only kept coming back to this forum for NSIS stuff really, but I like to see what's happening in the world of shoutcast, seeing as I did take over (and abandoned) edcast development

When I do come back to broadcasting, it most likely will be with my own server software (which works with shoutcast DSP v1 and v2, both audio and video, and plays well with all common players, including natively in flash, because it's also a Flash Media Server clone) and my own encoder software - the only thing missing is "YP" stuff - but shoutcast YP hasn't exactly been reliable anyway

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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