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Weird results in Gracenote Playlist Generator


As a former Songbird user I'm quite happy I made a switch to Winamp. So much faster with a mp3 base of about 250Gb (48000+ mp3's, 99% properly tagged).

The only issue I've got is the use of the Gracenote Playlist Generator. After many days of scanning (I'm based in Malawi with a not-so-good internet connection) I created my first 'Play tracks similar to...' playlist. The result was some what astonishing. I really can't figure out why AC/DC is similar to Dolly Parton. Or 16 Horsepower similar to Rammstein? And what have those hardcore/punk tracks to do with Antonio Vivaldi...?

The only descent playlist I seem to be able to create are Metal/Hardrock playlists.
As far as I know Gracenote works on basis of acoustic similarities but hey, I don't see or can hear the similarity between light classical and heavy hardcore-punk!

Can anyone shed a light on this issue?


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