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Problems Sending Playlist To Device

I'm a brand new user to winamp and have been trying it specifically to sync itunes play lists to my android (galaxy samsung nexus) device.

I bought the latest version of win amp pro and am running it on windows XP. Had no problems importing the itunes library and itunes play lists.

Installed the free version of winamp on my android device. Had no problems discovering the device or pairing it with my winamp on windows XP. Very happy so far!

I did a sync on the device and it seemed to push all of my songs down to the androis (about 200 or so). Seemed maybe a little slow, but no big deal.

Then I noticed that the play lists are not synced when you sync the device. Just the library files. Did a little digging around and saw that on the pop up menu of a play list, there is a "send to"->"samsung galaxy nexus". So I tried that with several play lists. Sure enough, the play lists showed up on the winamp for android.


Not all of the songs are showing up on the playlists. The play lists I manage are heavy rotation lists for myinternet radio station and there are typically 50 songs in each play list. When I used the "send to" option very often only the first song in the play lists shows up on the android play list. Occasionally 4 or 5 songs will show up on the play list. But I don't think I've ever successfully sent all 50 songs from a play list to the device.

Also, if I try the "send to"->"samsung galaxy nexus" a second time, it does not update the playlist on the nexus. It creates another new play list with the same name. So over time I ended up with 4 or 5 play lists with the exact same name and none of them had more than 4 or 5 songs from the 50 song play list on them.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Is it a limitation of the free android player? Is there a work around?
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