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Samsung Galaxy s ii play list sync problem solved for me

I tried something thing different. I used Double Twist and one of their help screens provided the following solution to syncing play lists.

Go to: settings / applications / development
check the USB debugging box
then come out of that.

After you connect to usb cable pull down the status bar and tap on the USB storage bar and then when the USB storage screen/"green android with usb hand" comes up click on the connect button and away you go. I didnt bother by this stage with winamp. I just used the other windows pc application to transfer my playlists.

Why oh why could winamp not have made this information available somewhere is beyond me. Maybe they did but, I never found it. I'm pretty sure this will work for winamp. I post here out of politeness and the years of winamp use I've had.

I think the default MTP connection setting caused the sync problems.

So, after a decade of winamp use I'm off somewhere else. It was ok - on and off. Now back to windows media player and iTunes and my new friend that just WORKED! Maybe I'll come back but, thats the future.
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