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interesting to see the post at the bug:

Originally Posted by DrO
This issue can be closed as it was (as lvqcl correctly noted) an issue with the handling of the bad file inside of in_flac.dll and not libflac.

It just didn't show up correctly in the very brief inspection i'd done at the time (which was not a which incorrectly showed it was crashing in the libflac code with a different issue (which was due to a mixed local compile of the Winamp release at the time).

Our in_flac.dll will be updated accordingly to fix this issue for our next client release. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the premature bug report before it had been fully triaged on our side.
so my question is whats a mixed local compile? just kinda confused by the part in bold.

I also wonder if perhaps libflac does have a bug... it just sounds as if the results of your testing and theirs don't match even when taking the plugin bug into account.

I do appreciate, very much, your time and efforts to further bulletproof winamp.

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