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So I just did some tests on the Source DSP. It sounds like it could use some multi-channel audio down-mixing and a better sample rate converter.

At first I thought it was my encoder plugin at fault (I was testing with some opus files I just happened to have in my playlist from testing my last round of opus support plugin development) but when changing the bitrate upwards didn't help I decided to listen locally and it sounded fine. I heard some harmonic distortion with simple audio (like a single tubular bell or piano solo at the end of a song.)

When I played a multi-channel audio file, it crapped out. It didn't crash but it made sc_trans go crazy on the cpu and it sounds like a byte misaligned audio track that's been time stretched (but it still only plays for the length of the file's actual playback time) like an audio file sampled at 44.1k but played at 22.05k.
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