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APE & M4A files cannot have tags changed when loaded to Winamp

As described in detail here, there is this strange behavior in Winamp:

when an APE or M4A file is loaded [and not played] in Winamp, an attempt to edit tag values in this file via Mp3tag will spit an error of "cannot be opened for writing" - so in order to make any change to tags in Mp3tag I have to first close Winamp

I have the Monkey's Audio Player 4.14, but I do not know which of my other plugins is responsible for playing M4A format. I run Windows 7 x64 with Winamp 5.666 3516 and Mp3tag 2.79. This problem persists now for almost a year, throughout updates of Mp3tag and Windows

But what is most important, this problem does not show up for MP3, FLAC, WV or WAV format- I can even play them in Winamp and edit them in Mp3tag at the same time [with the exception of _FILENAME field]
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