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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
I have never experienced this issue with m4a files unless the song is paused, therefore locked by winamp. With that being said, it goes the same for mp3 and flac files that are currently being played or paused on the song. I can't update them via mp3tag.
I can play or have in pause mode MP3 / FLAC / WAV / WV and at the same time edit tags in them via Mp3tag; and move them in Windows Explorer, if only they are not being played [with the exception of MP3, for which I have a buffer]

But once and APE is read by Winamp [its tags show up in it], it cannot be edited with Mp3tag or moved in Explorer [so of course also in paused mode it is blocked]. M4A on the other hand is blocked less, because only when it is being played and only in Mp3tag and not in Explorer

And on the side note: how is possible that MP3 and M4A can be moved even when played, while FLAC / WAV / WV are blocked for moving?
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