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Originally Posted by Worez View Post
And on the side note: how is possible that MP3 and M4A can be moved even when played, while FLAC / WAV / WV are blocked for moving?
I assume it is due to how much is buffered. FLAC, WAV, and WV are all lossless, so much higher file size vs the lossy. But this could also be in how the decoder handles reading, buffering, and loading the files.

As for APE, you might want to get in contact with whoever developed that plugin, because I don't believe it's a part of the general winamp install. I would think you shouldn't have issues editing the tag if winamp isn't playing or paused on that file (unless of course the library is indexing)

But again, I don't have issues tagging any files with mp3tag if winamp isn't playing or paused on the specific file, and rightfully so. The only time I get that error is when I accidentally left the file on pause instead of stop.

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