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Ok, you have the reason in saying that controls have unique ID's and it does the basic job of Tab controls. I was not studying over this type of control yet (didn't read SDK). I was more thinking on fixing bugs and implementing missing features first, and just then implement controls.

I still don't think I can do it for next versions, because, as I said, it's still a little difficult to manage INI files like that (independent window messages handling and other stuff).

For this, IOEx would need the support to be used for multiple dialogs, and this is a major TODO. If I can get this going, I can also get the creation of independent dialogs which is also a major TODO. However, I need to work first on remodelating the source code for the implementation of external controls (major TODO). As I implemented almost all the controls that don't need the major TODO's (except for HotKey, ScrollBar, ToolBar, StatusBar) IOEx is getting closer and closer from major release.

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