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Originally Posted by JeremyRedhead View Post
This has already been posted about but I'm betting many people only check this thread so I'm mentioning it here anyway :P
So captbaritone has managed to replicate most of Winamp 2.9's features/functionality in the browser
Someone has considered running it in Electron (on the desktop, basically). This feat apparently took him three years.

What are y'all's thoughts? And in light of this achievement, do you think with enough effort/time, Winamp could be entirely (or mostly) recreated? And how quickly before Vivendi sues? :P
I did see that, and even back in 2004 I was using a JavaScript winamp clone for my websites music player. Honestly I think AIMP is a lot like winamp and might be considered winamp's spiritual sequel. The thing is that nowadays majority of people don't carry a music collection like before. They usually just use pandora, youtube or spotify to stream their music. And those that does have a music collection might have moved to other media players, for example iTunes if they have an iphone, or something like musicbee. There's a lot of alternatives out there and with winamp official development being MIA, it's hard to say what the future will be for winamp. Though i'm sure I will use it until I am incapable anymore.


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