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Recently on the skin board,
we were discussing what is art? What is not
art? What classifies an object as art?

In the 1920's, an art "rebellion" movement know as Dada brought up these questions to
a stuffy art world ruled by critics whose
decisions made or broke artists.

So in my final skin for 2.x, i decided to
skin "Dada" - with an emphasis on questionable yet usable functionality.
The skin is in the format of a 1920's
photo collage, a method pioneered by
Hannah Hoch, one of the great yet obscure woman artists of all time.

I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I
enjoyed creating it!

I even skinned Mikroamp!

Download "Dada"

Please give me your comments - i'm gonna
enter this into the contest!

<O> Dada will double your income. <O>

PS Not only is there the traditional easter
egg, there is also a second. I have actually
put MYSELF into the skin if you can find it!

I forgot put in the Mikroamp skin - here
it is -


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