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Note that I just summarized the fixes into one "corrupt id3v2 tags" category.

There's 3 or 4 different fixes in the patch, and another 3 or 4 more fixes in the latest internal version. Most relate to corruption in the headers or id3v2 tags, but one or two relate to an id3v2 unsynchronization bug caused by iTunes when embedding album art into the tags.

Your mp3 came into this category.

I'm not sure if the public patched version will allow you to also now see the embedded art in the Artwork tab of File Info (Alt+3) for that file, but you can see it in the latest internal version.

Winamp 5.35 and earlier didn't support album art, so was never affected by these unsynchronization bugs. The patch just includes workarounds for these bugs.

Naturally, the fixes in the patch will also be included in the next release of Winamp.
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