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Originally Posted by hazysonic View Post
This didn't fix it for me. I don't have the enhancer plugin installed, but I do have MAD plug-in, Slowmedown, and LoopMaster all installed (and would like to keep).

Anyone find a solution to this very annoying problem? I love winamp, but I'm about ready to bail on it b/c of the annoying UAC prompts that i can't get rid of....
Experiment with the plugins one by one. Disable them in turn by closing Winamp, renaming them, then fire up Winamp again.

If it turns out it is a plugin causing your problem then your only choice is to hassle the person who wrote the plugin or find an alternate plugin which is still maintained.

Often a Plugin problem is caused by using Win98 style code in 2013 where a plugin is trying to write to the C:\Program Files\ folder. If this is the case then you may well get around this by uninstalling winamp then reinstalling it to C:\Winamp\ or D:\Winamp\ instead. Not the best answer, but can get you round the need to use an out of date plugin.
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