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I just want to add to this thread, as I found a solution that is a little different and worked for me.

Removing "NSA" from the conflig_extlist variable in "winamp.ini" didn't do the job in my case. I wasn't sure what other extension reference could be it, so I took a chance and cleared the variable. When I re-ran WinAmp, the UAC prompt stopped. The list was rebuilt, but only with the bare minimum:


Also, it meant that all of the other file extensions wouldn't work any longer. So, that wasn't a workable solution. When I added extensions back that I wanted to be supported in WinAmp, the UAC prompt started again and those extensions didn't work. So, editing the Conflig_Extlist variable causes functional corruption.

I uninstalled WinAmp, rebooted, then ran the WinAmp setup program again as Administrator. I went through all of the steps, but at the end after WinAmp launched I went immediately to the file preferences and made a few changes to force the config_extlist to be altered (I had deselected "NSA" and "NSV" through the UI).

After this, WinAmp would start normally without the UAC prompt. And, file types beyond the core few (I think about 8 types) would work, which includes WAV, FLAC, OGG, etc.

Anyway, from all the chatter about this problem, it appears that some people are affected differently. On the odd chance you're one of those people who hasn't found any of them to work, perhaps my tip might help.

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