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cool stuff.

check out this thread:
Great thread, thanks for that! Pity it doesn't have a better title to be more more easily found. Would have saved me a lot of time.

It appears that Crashguard303 and pasemes both managed to achieve something very similar to the above using the standard Smart View editor. Looking at this again, I think the problem that I had was that I was probably trying to use all square brackets with this syntax (as is suggested by the "Query Language Documentation" section in Advanced Mode), whereas from their posts it seems clear that you actually need to use a mixture of square and round brackets... (Or maybe it is actually the same syntax in both. Can't remember what I tried exactly and very tired now).

Something people less familiar with Winamp might get confused by when reading that thread is the statement about the Smart View updating when you re-open Winamp. This is true, but you have to bear in mind that updating the Smart View does now change the current playlist. So if you leave your Smart View playing, close and re-open Winamp the next day, you will still have the playlist as it was when you first started playing the Smart View. i.e. you will still need to e.g. double-click on it again sometime to update your playlist with the latest info.

There's a couple of good ideas there from Crashguard303 on properly applying rating weightings to the probability of a track being played. One very simple, and one more sophisticated. I hope these sorts of ideas are kept track of and properly considered in the new development drive.

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btw, afaik, winamp will write ratings to tags (if enabled in prefs) for mp3, wma, m4a, FLAC, and probably some others. (ALAC in a m4a, etc)
thanks...and ogg!

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Hi TimbreWolf,

Thank you for your contribution. It belongs in the "Tech Support Greatest Hits" archive, imo.

I especially appreciate the tip about using Query Builder when Advanced Mode alone is not enough.
Thanks for the feedback. From the thread MrSinatra posted it appears that this should be possible with the standard builder / Advanced Mode. I think I might have just got a bit confused is all...
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