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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
You are funny. Have you got an example file you can upload? Have you checked the file with a tool like MP3val? You have so little detail in your post that the devs will end up asking you to install the "psychic plug-in" to help them work out how to reproduce your problem.
Sure, very funny. And Winamp is even funnier. And respondents even funnier.... while it is such an easy problem to understand: ALL (A. L. L.) the other players I have (5-6), even older versions, CAN interpret correctly ALL VBR MP3s. The ONLY invalid is Winamp. Then why are you sending me to the middle ages MP3val? Just fix the damn player. How many years does it take you to understand the users just want to enjoy the player, and not do software procedures? One day you'll fix that and you'll look back in shame at these silly replies.

Those particular VBR MP3s are made with RealPlayer Converter.

Are there more polite and more intelligent respondents here?
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