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Originally Posted by avaget View Post
when I pres "Enqueue in Winamp" from windows context menu on file AND on folder it starts playing that file/folder - for example I have:
song 1
song 2
in my playlist and after I click "Enqueue in Winamp" on song 3 it start playing said song 3 (while adding it to the playlist)
I'm using Windows 8.1 Winamp 5.66, no plugins
I confirm having the same problem with Winamp 5.66. Running Windows 7 64-bit, no plugins in Winamp.

Clicking "Enqueue in Winamp" from the context menu plays the file(s) instead of queueing them in the playlist.

Please fix this issue ASAP. I had to downgrade to the previous version because this was a feature I used frequently.

Thank you
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