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Winamp very laggy when loading metadata from network share


I've installed Winamp 5.8 on my Windows 10 laptop (Gigabyte Aero 15x). I have a network share where I host all of my music. Loading metadata for all of my music is rather slow this way. That's not a big deal - except that while the metadata is loading, Winamp itself becomes very choppy and laggy, to the point of being pretty much unusable.

I have currently changed the setting to just load metadata when the file is played, and that gets rid of the lag (except when a song is loading), but that means I have an entire playlist with no metadata loaded, which kinda stinks.

It's worth noting that I don't experience this lag on my desktop PC (running Windows 7 Pro) when I re-import my playlist.

Idk if there's some things I can try to fix this, or if someone can pass this along to a developer so they can research the issue for the next version.

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