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While this is an old thread, it still is an issue! May I suggest a simple change that may lead to a solution? Put the URL, Port ID and path usd by the "gracenote code" into the winamp config file!

You may ask why? Well, as DrO has so kindly let us know, the "gracenote code" is inherent throughout Winamp. Right now, we're at an impasse - the people with access to the code are busy, and the users are stuck. However, if the URL info used by the "gracenote code" was made accessable to the users, an enterprising user (or group of users) could create an alternate "web widget", driven by data from an existing service... (perhaps Perhaps if it is reliable enough, the source service would even accept the web widget as part of their service...

It would be a lot of dirty work, decoding the "gracenote code" protocols, but it would be at least POSSIBLE at that point. Right now, we all lose. And, I have to imagine that adding the "gracenote code" URL info the config file would be a trivial code change.

It could be done either as:


So, there is my 2 cents worth. I hope someone is still paying attention to this issue, as Winamp is QUITE irritating without this feature!

And thank you DrO for all the GREAT info you provided on this subject. It helped me a lot.
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