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Originally Posted by Ophelia View Post
When I click on a song in my library on winamp, it won't play. Instead it just starts searching through the whole list of songs as if the songs aren't connected. I downloaded the songs onto my computer and linked them to my winamp; yet winamp doesn't recognize any of the songs. How do I make the songs play on my winamp? I even tried reinstalling winamp and same problem. The songs only play on winamp when I click on my folder of the songs instead of clicking in the program to play.
When a song is first added to the Winamp media library, the location of the song is saved along with it's filename. If the song is later moved to another location, then Winamp will not able to find it. If a song is copied to another folder and added to the library, Winamp will treat the copied song as if it were a new different song (even though both songs are actually the same).

How did you link the songs to Winamp? The songs are probably not in the same folder(s) they were in when they were first added to the Winamp media library. Right click on 1 of these songs in the library to open a context menu, then click on the "View file info..." command. Look near the top of the window that opens to see if the location (drive letter, root folder, and sub-folders) and filename for the song are correct.

If the location isn't correct, close that window, then press the "Ctrl" and "P" keys on your keyboard (at the same time) to open the Winamp Preferences window. Click on "Local Library" under the "Media Library" heading on the left side and then click on the "Watch Folders" tab on the right side. Click on the "Add folder..." button on this tab to open another window that will let you browse to and select the folder that contains some or all of your songs. If all of your songs are in sub-folders under 1 root folder, then just add the root folder. Otherwise repeat adding root and/or subfolders until all the folders containing your songs have been added to the list of watched folders.

Make sure the option "Automatically remove missing files" is checked, click to select 1 or more of the other options if you want to use any of them, and then click on the "Rescan now" button. This will remove the library records for all of the songs listed with incorrect locations and add records for all of your songs with their current locations. Close the Winamp Preferences window after the rescan is finished.

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