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How to play YouTube/Google Flash Videos (FLV) in Winamp:

For Winamp 5.54+

1. Make sure Nullsoft Flash Decoder (in_flv.dll) is checkmarked on the Choose Components page in the Winamp Installer Options.

2. Install the 'Additional FLV Decoder' from the latest Essentials Pack

Note that most FLV files from Google use the H.263 video codec, and that the additional decoder from the EP is an H.263 decoder (Winamp\System\f263.w5s)

You still won't be able to play FLV files encoded with the newer H.264 codec by using this method.
H.264 support (H.264 video in MP4, AVI, MKV & FLV containers) is one of the features unlocked by purchasing a Winamp Pro license.

For Winamp 5.53 and earlier:

1) Download and install the FLV Splitter (required to demux the FLV container)

FLV Splitter | mirror | Direct Download

2) Install the latest 32-bit version of FFDShow, which is required to decode FLV content.

Make sure 'FLV1', 'VP6', 'VP6F', 'H.264/AVC' and 'H.263' are set to 'libavcodec' in:
Start > Programs > ffdshow > Video decoder config > Codecs page.

If it says 'disabled' next to FLV1, VP6, VP6F/FLV4, H.264/AVC or H.263 (+), click on it and change it from 'disabled' to 'libavcodec' via the drop-down menu.

3) Add ;FLV to the Extension List in:

Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Input > DirectShow (in_dshow.dll) > config

so it now looks something like:


You will now have playback support for FLV in Winamp.

More in-depth instructions/info here

If you are using the DirectShow Decoder workaround with Winamp 5.51 or higher, you will need to disable the Nullsoft VP6 FLV Decoder (in_flv.dll) first: Further instructions & workarounds


ps. for GVI (google video) just use GVI2AVI (more info) which automatically strips the "goog" info out of the headers and changes the extension to .avi (note, requires .NET Framework 2.x to be installed).
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