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Okay, this was a bit tricky, because it would seem as though "Window Text" controls both Window Text AND Column Header Text.

Unless I'm missing something, there really needs to be a separate 'Column Text' gamma group, so we can set it to a different color than Window Text. An 'Inactive Background' gamma group would also be nice :-)

Basically, I've tried to recreate the Winamp Modern Default theme more accurately than the one which is currently shipped.

I came into a problem which you'll see in the screenshots, where the text for "Search" and "xxxx items..." should be a shade of white/gray (like it is in Winamp Modern skin), but this then makes the Column Header text the same shade (which is obviously too light, heh, and needs to be a grey/black shade). I'd prefer this one, if only the ML Column Header text was a grey/black shade.
See Winamp_Modern_2.xml / modern_white.jpg

If I change "Window Text" to a grey/black shade, then this makes the Column Header text the right color, but then also makes "Search" and "xxxx items..." the same shade, and also automatically makes the inactive/highlighted item background a sickly shade of blue (and not true to Winamp Modern). So I can't win either way. Though I guess this one would have to end up being the choice out of the two, for now, heh.
See Winamp_Modern_3.xml / modern_black.jpg

Unzip the two xml files to you know where....
(if you don't know where, then see my first post above)

Winamp Modern theme for Bento, takes 2 and 3
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