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Winamp forgets to be always on top

When Winamp is set not to appear in the taskbar and I press Win+D (show desktop), Winamp appears below other windows, even though Winamp is supposed to be "Always on top".

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

To reproduce:
Set Winamp to not appear in the taskbar
(bug appears regardless of system tray icon setting)
Set Winamp to be always on top
Confirm that Winamp will stay on top of another window
Press Win+D
Restore a window
Winamp no longer stays on top, even though Always on top remains set
Unset and set Always on top
Winamp again stays on top of other windows

Additional observations:
If you click on the winamp tray icon before restoring any other windows, Winamp does stay on top. But clicking on the tray icon AFTER restoring another window doesn't make it go back on top.
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