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Anyhow... This problem still persists in Winamp version 5.572 (latest version)
According to the changelog some attempts to fix this have been made.
"- Misc: Further attempts to fix reported elevation/registration issues on Vista & Win7"
However, they've not helped at all.
It's been an issue for the past 3 years, and yes it's quite frustrating anytime it happens.

The most common cause, is when you alt-tab back and forth with a fullscreen application, such as a game. Perhaps a workaround could be invented if the bug itself can not be found/resolved?
It's not exactly critical or life threatening, but a longstanding, very annoying bug like this... Would be nice to see it finally fixed.

I'm running: Windows Vista 64, no winamp agent.
Showing taskbar icon or not has no relevance to the issue. Unlike what another user reported.
I'm not running any winamp plugins other than those installed by winamp itself. So I doubt those have any effect either.
Custom skin: Winamp Modern
Only have the main window active, in it's minimized form.
I generally play an internet stream from , doubt that's got any effect, but you never know.

Instant, and easy to reproduce steps:
1: Start winamp (duh)
2: Set winamp to "always on top"
3: Start firefox or whatever (you probably got that done as well since you're reading this)
4: Start a fullscreen game. In my case, I just start world of warcraft, or Torchlight through Steam. Anything works really, I guess.
5: Alt-tab back to firefox.

And presto! Winamp is suddenly behind Firefox, and will remain there until you tell it to remain on top again. Hopefully this helps in reproducing the issue, and thus making it easier to fix for the next version.

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