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i can only pass on what i've been told at the time (am already regretting having posted in this part of the forum as it's going to be like the Android one all over again) as i don't have any real dealings with the people working on this (hell i didn't even really know much about it until it was posted on the main site).

i am sure there is a plan / roadmap of what is going to go in. however i don't know what that is and i've only passed on what i was told about the plug-in side of things i.e. if it does happen it won't be soon.

Winamp for Mac is never going to be the same as Winamp for Windows. it could be made to sort of look like it but if plug-ins is what people want like the Windows version has (and will probably expect the exact same ones - i know that if a plug-in architecture appears then i'm pretty much not going to move any of mine over - is hard enough supporting what i've done on Windows with 0 freetime), then they are going to be sorely disappointed as you cannot go from 0 to 100 without any issues, etc and to also suddenly get people making plug-ins for something new (best modern equivalent is the app store model that everyone tried to hop but only a few stuck).

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