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sc_serv using 100% CPU cycles

Machine is Ubuntu 12.04.2 server, 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU Opteron 6128, dual core 2 GHz, 50 Mbps up / 50 Mbps down internet line

Stream server starts and runs along fine, sc_serv at like 9%, sc_trans at 7%, then at some point sc_serv shoots up to 100% CPU utilization ( as seen using top in the terminal) and at that point no new listeners can connect and the Shoutcast YP directory listing for the stream goes away, presumably because YP can't connect either 'cause the CPU is too busy

Not seeing anything in the log file that stands out as causing this; one of the problems is GETTING the log file while the CPU is at 100% with sc_trans - just establishing an SSH session takes minutes.

Yesterday, I did see multiple attempts to log in as admin with failed password, if these were coming at the server fast enough I guess it could clog things up. A denial-of-service attack? But I'm not seeing those in logs today, and around 11 PM server time the CPU went to 100% for sc_serv.

Any suggestions? What can make sc_serv take up 100% of the cpu cycles?

Normally, with ~300 listeners, sc_serv is 10% or less. 500 max listeners, so I don't think it can be listener-count related. (stream is 48 kbs)
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