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Yeah I've got two SSH sessions open right now to the machine, one is tailing the log file, the other showing CPU % using top. Of course this won't help for temporary excursions by sc_trans to 100% CPU, but so far my experience is that when CPU % goes crazy it stays that way. Maybe this will give me a clue.

I don't think the problem is sc_serv itself, I think some connection, connection attempt(s), login attempt(s) or other activity coming in to sc_serv from the Internet is causing the issue. I think that WOULD show in the logfile.

Of course it could somehow be related to something wacky in the MP3 stream or metadata that sc_trans is sending sc_serv that drives sc_serv to 100% CPU utilization, I think this also might be visible in the logfile.

So anyway I'll keep these SSH sessions open and maybe I'll see something. So far, running 8 hours with no issues that I can see. sc_serv and sc_trans each running around 7~9%
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