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there is nothing else to suggest than what you've already done as it is clearly noted in the release thread there are known issues going to high numbers of concurrent listeners (which the steps you've taken can help mitigate against).

as for that error, it's related to what i've said above, though if the limits are correctly set, it really should not be appearing and either points to an issue with allocation of file handle resources on the machine or it's an additional bug in the DNAS.

hopefully when the new SC dev team is setup, they'll be able to sort out the issues and do what i was not able to do with trying to convert the v2 DNAS from it's compatibility over performance design for the networking implementation to work correctly (as that is the essential crux of the issue and goes back to how the v2 DNAS was implemented before i took it on) as well as having the time to focus solely on the DNAS (as i could not and my focus is Winamp nowadays so there is little else i can suggest / do on the matter).

otherwise, add extra DNAS to the stream (with them all given the same authhash so they'll be clustered correctly via the YP) so you've got a better spread of listeners over multiple DNAS or you'll have to try and find a copy of the unsupported v1.x DNAS and use that (along with dealing the issues that changing back from a v2.x to a v1.x stream causes for directory listings).
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