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going above 300 with how the v2 DNAS is coded can lead to what you've getting in the log output. things were done to mitigate against the issue with v2.2.x but due to what the v2 DNAS is fundamentally coded to use, anything above 1024 open file handles for the process (which is ~300-350 concurrent connections to the DNAS) can enter into the unknown on what will and will not work.

providing configs is not going to be help as i do not have the time to look into issues with the DNAS and the only solution is gutting the v2 DNAS's network handling and doing it properly for large numbers of concurrent listeners / performance. and hopefully whoever is taken on to work on the DNAS will be able to do what i could not do and fix the problems with it.

as i'm only replying in the SC parts of the forum where possible since there is no one from the new team yet to do it instead - as my focus (and actual passion) is Winamp.
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