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Deleting/Moving files physically per Hotkey

First I have to add as usual an excuse for my poor english

I'm a big fan of the winamp media library and the global hotkeys. Usually I'm playing games or working and do not want/can't use the mouse, so I use global hotkeys. I rate most of my songs... right now I'm using the single * rating for songs that really get on my nerves and that I will remove from my disk. **-rating is for songs/file that are funny or special, things I listen to in very special situations. And five * are for the best songs I have, also somekind of special rating. That only leaves three and four * to rate the rest of my songs

I thought it would be great if I can delete or move files to a certain directory per hotkey. So I would have one more rating option to use for my songs.

Is there a plugin capable of that? Or, can I add my own functions to the global hotkeys? I could develop myself an applications that takes care of moving the files, it just has to be able to know what song Winamp is currently playing (Are there APIs for Winamp?)

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