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URGENT - major security breach

I got Winamp.5.666.3516.rar in order to test DrO's JTFE plugin. My Ingrid On Winamp Final, controls two instances harmonically; beatmixing live, Spotify-like with 3000 to 33000ms crossfades. The FindWindow(WinampClass, WindowName) is copied to an Ingrid Status bar. The Slave AutoDJ started displaying this as almost all question marks. By looking at the minimized Winamp thumbnail hovering over the TaskBar, I confirmed it to be Manadarin, or some such UTF-16 characters passing through the Window title bar. The text changes independently of track length. This text is replaced by the normal ASCII Title as soon as the Winamp window is shown opaque and then my status bar can retrieve correct title. Let Winamp become transparent and the leak resumes. Being suspicious by nature, I found evidence that this is a major security breach. Going back to Winamp5.663507.rar immediately fixed the WAN leak. Ingrid's first Winamp instance was unaffected.

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