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Theres not really any at the moment, just 'Play' and 'SayHi'. Plus a 'ChangedTrack' event - I may change this to an event on the playlist object instead. The problem with that is it requires a 'playlist' object to be created - and I want to keep the objects as being created dynamically on demand so they arent created if theyre not needed.

Then again, theres likely to be only a couple objects that would need to be created like this, so the overhead would be low...

Adding new methods takes about 5 seconds, most of them are just sendmessage calls. I want to get the design done properly first.

The hard part is managing objects, and internal allocations etc. The playlist problem is a good example, I think I will just use a snapshot when the enumerator is first accessed.

+ the WAObj is going to be renamed the 'Application' object, in keeping with standard naming conventions.

EDIT: There is aslo a 'playlist' property on the waobj. On the playlist object there is a 'Item' 'Count' and a enumerator. The Item takes an index (can also be used like - playlist(index)) which returns a 'MediaItem'.

Currently the 'MediaItem' just has a 'Name' property. But I guess it will have stuff like 'Title' , 'Play()' etc.

I can submit the .tlb file, but it should be a resource of the .exe anyway.
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