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1. You can use any language that has an active script engine. Perl has one, and there are other languages (tcl, pascal etc). You can let the user decide which one to use by just having a standard name convention (ie .vb, .vbs, .pl).

I dont like VB that much either, but as it is MS' baby, it is the most powerful. And the more I learn about this scripting stuff, the more it makes sense to use a language such as VB (for scripting). Plus people know VBscript and JS thanks to the web and VB/VBA etc. It saves them from having to learn another language, which is kind of the point in the first place.

2. Its not actually WSH, its ActiveScript. WSH is just one host for the engine, in exactly the same way this project is a host for the engine. It would be available on any platform which has IE ~3+. Either way, you could always let people install it if they want it.

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