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why not take the best of all worlds and make one plugin in a collaborative effort ?

IMHO, saivert's interface is better (the one i started was basically based on the same idea).
One good thing would be to have a list of the currently loaded scripts, and be able to stop and start them at will (like in the Winbot IRC bot).

For my plugin, my intent was to implement all the functionality of the SDK through some objects (Winamp, Winamp.mainwnd, Winamp.playlist etc), plus event handling.
i also wanted the ability to be able to add dynamic extensions to the plugin, for example to add some database or networking support, for instance. I guess it's not that useful here, as Active Scripting can use COM objects

As for languages, it would be nice also if a different script file extension (js, vbs...) would use the appropriate engine.

Last but not least, to make this plugin really useful, even though it's the most boring part in development, a big effort should be put on documentation, else, only few people will bother trying to learn the API from samples only.

These were my 2 cts
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