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Use lengthf as outlined in the Toaster readme. You said you just wanted to do a one time export, so therefore why does the time it takes matter? (remember to put a 'quit' statement after the export otherwise the script keeps running).

3 mins is quite slow, but I guess it depends on your machine speed. I exported about 8,000 items to file in about 2 seconds, though I have a fairly reasonable machine. A sort would take a split second to do, try running 'sort exported.txt' and see how quick it is. (I am not sure if sort is standard on XP, but I think so, otherwise get cygwin). But still 3mins seems strange, try posting your script and I'll test it and see if its the same and see how it can be sped up.

If you are planning on doing programmatic exports regularly, then this might not be the plugin for you. It is designed for adding a quick customisation to Winamp without having to develop or install heaps of frivolous plugins. Its not really meant for use by external plugins, as they could typically do everything the script does, only faster as they dont have to parse script.

This plugin is indeed written in C++, it makes use of COM to create an instance of MS vbscript engine, and adds my own automation object to the script which can be used to control winamp. Thus allowing you to control winamp through vbscript.
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