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I know all the code that I'm using when it comes to SSC's.
But most of it I learned from ripping the sourcecodes from El-Vis en Nic01 to notepad, and then strip it down to the bit to figure them out. Then I tried to re-assemble them using my own variable names, shape, rotation, movement, colors etc.

Also, I can't create the main core of it by heart though, I usually use some of my (rather messy) templates.

The next thing is to know how to use the 'basic' modules of AVS (i.e. don't use invert and clear every frame at the same time). Old doesn't necessarily mean they're outdated. Experimentate and find out how to use a Water Bump and not make it kill the preset for instance.
Also, don't hesitate to experimentate. Before I created my first 3D SSC, I had created at least 50-60 not-working versions. Set a goal and go for it, one step at a time.

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