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Originally posted by JFASI
Ok, the issue comes down to being able to find ways to tye stones to a map. It's so abstract, and all or most of the guides I have read only scratch the surface, and leave all the discovering to the reader, not even like the good discovery, where you invent methods and such, but you have to figure out what every-single-thing does.
Its not hard to work out what DM does. If you look at any of the examples or experiment with simple stuff like x=x+1 x=x*2 etc... then you can work it out with out much head scratching. It basically allows you to slide/zoom/spin/warp the image depending on how each grid point's code evaluates.

There are plenty of guides for DMS floating around, i think very few of them really explain why it works... but they are good enough. PAK-9's programming guide has an excellent section on DM which describes how it functions and provides plenty of example code...

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