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Yes!!! it's not a good idea to Winamp become à Media Server (see post just up)

Originally Posted by harry_berlin View Post
is it posible to cache the results from each Media-Server, and do a Refresh in background? (it takes up to 5or more minutes to recive all the Mediaentrys by each Entry (Genre, Artist, ..., & sometimes Winamp crash) - ("mp3 share cache"-plugin do it for Network-Shares)
I'm developping a new plugin with database and asynchronous refresh

Originally Posted by harry_berlin View Post
it would be very nice, to see the Mediafiles in the same way as in the local media view. (Searching, sorting, by tabs, displaying covers,...)
Yes, with the new developpement, it become more easy....

I hope to proposed a new version this next week. (The 'play to' command will be remove for a couple of time)
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