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SHOUTCast DNAS 2.0 - No Audio

I set up SHOUTCast DNAS 2.0 (sc_serv) on my Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit server for my buddy to stream to from his house. I believe everything is configured correctly, but no audio comes through.

He is able to connect from both SAM Broadcaster and the WinAMP DSP plugin. SAM shows plenty of data being sent, when flipped on. The WinAMP DSP plugin appears to be connected as far as I can tell. The server shows the stream registers correctly, and clients are able to connect and pull the current track name, but no audio comes through.

I realize there are quite a few threads that reference the sound card and settings on the source machine, but the interesting thing here is that he's able to stream to another server (24-hour demo server) with the exact same settings, and everything sounds fine.

Is there anything server-side that could be preventing audio from going out?
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